Access Ramp for Wheelchair

I updated my wheelchair ramp website this week.

Unbeliavably it’s now over 20 years old

I can remember being on a roof at Ettington chatting to one of the carpenters about it and him saying I was jammy enough that if it did well I wouldn’t have to carry on working on the building anymore.

5 years later that came true and I gave up work to conentrate full time on my ramp business and web marketing business.

Over the years I did less and less with wheelchair ramps and more and more website marketing and have now got to the stage where I am thinking I just can’t be bothered with the hassle of selling wheelchair ramps anymore

Rather than taking the site down I’ve removed all the ramps I was selling and put some Amazon ramps on some pages and Google Ads on other pages.

I’ve still left my contact details on the site but whenether people contact me I will tell them I am no longer selling ramps and send them to a page with my Amazon links on.

Wheelchair Ramps